Silicone Ears


For eight years, I always used elf ears made from Latex, some better, some worse, but for this season I got my first pair of silicone ears.

The difference is striking. they look so much better, are comfortable to wear and much more sturdy. The only downside is, I feel they are a tad too long, as I prefer ears with shorter tips. However, this is only MadhouseStudioFX second style of silicone ears, so I will keep an eye out for new releases.

2 responses to “Silicone Ears”

  1. They look great. Are they still in good order after these couple of months?

    Also are they tip only or full ears?

    • They are still good. I wore them again in december, and I suspect they will hold a very long time. They are tip only, so I can still wear ear rings, but the edge is very thin so you see almost no seam, as you see in the photo.

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