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  • Inquisitor Lavellan WIP

    WIP of my version of a tarot card for the elven Inquisitor. Still a long way to go. I tried to mirror some of my first playthrough’s choices in here: The Night Enchanter’s Spirit Blade, Heavy Armour, Solas’ Necklace (an the wolf from his romance card) as well as the Orb that “misplaced” the anchor […]

  • Masquerade Gown Sketches

    It seems I will be attending a Masquerade next Year. Which means I need to make a dress for the occasion. Since I usually do not Larp in this setting, I am building a one-time character, but I am planning to use the gown for my sorceress character, Seren afterwards. Which means lots of green and […]

  • EE: When we fail

    Last Year after the Epic Empires I drew If we fail, inspired by a ision our characters had. This year there was no Plot-event that awesome, but instead a a very particular scene made me grab tablet and pen – since in those moments photographers tend to be somewhere else.  But this gives me an […]

  • Epic Empires Preparations

    The Epic Empires Larp Convention is starting in about three weeks and I have effectively ten days left for preparations. And a range of Misty Mountains of work to do. Most importantly, I need another short robe, since they are usually full of dirt an fake blood by the end of the day. I also want […]

  • Song: El eria e môr

    I finally managed to finish a song I wrote for my Larp-character as a healing song (Elrian is able to heal magically in some situations by singing). My last healing song was far too short and really annoying after a while, so I made a new one which is calmer. I even managed a decent recording: […]

  • Zum Ende des Schuljahres…

    Das Schuljahr ist beinahe geschafft, alle Arbeiten geschrieben und die Noten stehen fest. Ein für mich etwas überraschendes Ergebnis bot die Sportnacht am letzten Donnerstag, anstatt wie erwartet furchtbar langweilig zu werden war sie tatsächlich eine schöne wenn auch anstrengende Veranstaltung. Unter anderem habe ich dort (nicht ganz freiwillig) eine Kiwido-darbietung gegeben, die vorher im […]

  • Ein Blog-versuch

    Nachdem ich jetzt doch recht lange darüber nachgedacht habe starte ich nun einfach mal den Versuch Blog zu schreiben… teils um mich selbst zu motivieren, teils auch um Freunden und Familie, zu denen der Kontakt doch etwas zäh ist über das was ich mache auf dem Laufenden zu halten (und das ganz ohne irgend jemandem […]