Elrian’s Diary

Elrian’s diary is a project I started two years ago, and its original purpose was to collect  plot information the character acquired during role play conventions.

But after while I started to put in personal stuff that went through my characters head. Its purpose is now to collect both information about plot (which will be written in normal writing) and personal notes (written in Tengwar). And I am planning to make its style a mix of the current design and River Song’s Diary from Doctor who.

These are the current pages:

Elrians' Diary

One response to “Elrian’s Diary”

  1. Wow das sieht alles wirklich cool aus. Ich finde deine Zeichnungen und Texte wirken echt gut und deine elbischen Klamotten sind der Hammer, ich hoffe du hast nichts dagegen wenn ich meine davon inspirieren lasse ^^ Du bist eine der wenigen Personen an denen die Ohren mal etwas natürlich aussehen und nicht so scheusslich 🙂
    Awesome! Im looking forward to see more of it.

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