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  • How to: In-character books

    I’ve been asked many times on how to craft an In-character book. I am not someone with the tenancy to write a book, but over the years I managed to fill over a hundred pages with Elrian’s thoughts, stories and songs. So, if you are looking to start your own in-character diary, or spellbook, or […]

  • Gilwen’s Mandolin

    Gilwen’s Mandolin, now Lendor’s Mandolin, is now painted to reflect the previous owner’s style. I used Citadel Paints because I am not good with acrylics and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Now it only needs its new strings. Luthron and Gilwen both died tragically while on a scouting mission. This is a […]

  • The Wandering Harpist

    I have been moving forward a lot these past months. I moved to Graz, started working. While I am adapting to those changes in my life quite well (I still do a lot of costume Crafting in my free time, though I cannot show what I am working on yet), My Larp Character is not […]

  • Elven leather bracers with silver rank insignia

    My bracers are finished. The etched nickel silver insignia signify her rank in the military. The weathering effect was more of an accident with the scrubbing side of a sponge, but one that earned said sponge a permanent place in my leather tool kit.

  • Schuppenpanzer-Beschusstest

    Nachdem ich auf dem EE ein paar Diskussionen hatte, was mein Schuppenpanzer it gegen Pfeile aushält war ich doch jetzt mal neugierig und habe im Rahmen meiner Mittel ein paar Tests durchgeführt. Geschossen habe ich mit meinem 45-Pfund-Langbogen der noch aus meiner Pre-larp-zeit stammt und mit einem Normalen Pfeil mit langer Stahl-Feldspitze, da ich keine […]