Tag: Fen’harel

  • The Last Promise

    I worked on this while waiting for Trespasser. Lavellan is dying and Solas returns for her in the end. Not really finished, and not really compatible with Trespasser, but here it is.

  • Inquisitor Aderyn Lavellan

    My Inquisitor’s Tarot Card. This took a while. I tried to mirror some of my first playthrough’s choices in here: The Night Enchanter’s Spirit Blade, Heavy Armour, Solas’ Necklace (an the wolf from his romance card) as well as the Orb that “misplaced” the anchor on her hand. Credit goes to Elandria for the hands.

  • Lavellan and the Wolf (here be spoilers)

    I am back, at least for now. With speed-painted Dragon Age Inquisition Fan Art. Solas and Lavellan. Because, who needs a happy ending anyway?