Coastal cliff shooting



Every time I go hiking I end up thinking: You could do a great costume shooting, with all those beautiful mountains. So this time we packed a dress, stopped on a moor that’s right on a seaside cliff.

It was Cyranil’s first time as a photographer, and we underestimated a lot of thing. Like the wind, for example. Ever tried posing for a photo while you are literally being swept off your feet?

But then wind is awesome in photos…

This dress was made by Celefindel creations a few years back, I made her an elven battle dress in exchange. I’ve had it with me on most Larps, but since I mostly wear armour, there have been no photos until now.

4 responses to “Coastal cliff shooting”

  1. Schöne Bilder 😀
    Gucke auch gerade, wo man mal schöne Bilder machen könnte wegen Bastel Projekten Vorstellung Aktuell. Bin aber gerade erst umgezogen und kenne meine neue Gegend (nahe Rhein) noch nicht gut genug 😦

  2. Somehow I managed to find you just yet o.O Wow, what progression! I just wanted to say thank you for the mentioning ^_^

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