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  • Coastal cliff shooting

    Every time I go hiking I end up thinking: You could do a great costume shooting, with all those beautiful mountains. So this time we packed a dress, stopped on a moor that’s right on a seaside cliff. It was Cyranil’s first time as a photographer, and we underestimated a lot of thing. Like the […]

  • Embroidery (usually hidden by hair)

    Usually the Embroidery on the back of this robe is hidden by my hair. Not sure what drove me to put my character’s crest there. Thank you to Liz-Sai/Mioon for taking the Photo.

  • Elven Hood

    This woolen hood for my elven Larp charakter has already proven its worth more than once. But I have not managed to take decent photos of it up until now. The Rain started just before it got too dark too shoot, we really got lucky. Thanks to Liz-Sai/Mioon for taking the Photos

  • First Sketchbook finished

    I finished my first sketchbook about a week ago. And since I take photos of what I scribble most times, I decided to pick the nicest of them an put them in a scribble Gallery.

  • Sewing… six days left

    Four days have passed with me virtually doing nothing. Or at least nothing to finish the garments I need in August. At least I started almost everything by now. The first robe I started a while back (blue cotton satin), but my sewing machine suddenly decided I would take no more silver yarn… and the […]

  • Elven Armour

    Today Nuryia an I took another try to get some nice Photos, this time in scale armour. It weights about 10 kilo in total, both helmet and plated shoulders are missing as well as leather bracers an gloves. The garment consists of a short robe, a modified hakama and a cape. It is far from […]

  • Shooting at dusk

    Today a friend an I went out to take some photos, and we were quite late it was already getting dark when we started shooting. Still, she managed to take a few nice photos before it got too dark (and before I got eaten by mosquitoes). Photos taken by Nuriya.

  • Carnil Photography

    The first con of the Season is over, and there are some nice shots of my character Elrian: These three Photos where taken by Daniel Schmitt, the full Gallery can be found here.    The last one was taken by Deneriel, the full Gallery can be found here.   As you can see the the new […]

  • Winter-shooting

    Es ist zwar schon eine Weile her, aber ich komme erst jetzt dazu hier die Fotos von unserem Winter-shooting hochzuladen. Darauf sieht man auch endlich einmal die Schuppenrüstung komplett.Leider lässt sich meine bisherige Gewandung nicht darunter Tragen, weswegen ich noch mal alle neu machen muss. Die Photos hat Imrath gemacht.

  • Lily

    Lily, meine Larp-Bardin wird dieses Jahr erstmals gespielt und bis dann braucht sie noch eine komplett-überholung. Der Charakter ist ursprünglich ein spontaner NSC gewesen, den ich als SC übernehmen durfte. Das Makeup werde ich so beibehalten, die Gewandung muss ich komplett neu machen. Die grundidee hierbei ist Lila und Grün, reich aber viel getragen, ein […]