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  • Embroidered Rain Cloak

    After last year’s very rainy Epic Empires everyone is doing new Cloaks, coat and capes. This is mine, still a WIP and one of my larger embroidery project.   I will be adding a thin water-proof membrane between the layers of wool, and the whole cloak will be relatively stiff, with large barely visible embroidery […]

  • Armour Surcoat – Almost Done

    The Armour surcoat I made for this summer’s Epic Empires quickly became one of my favourite pieces of Costume. I have not managed to take good pictures of the finished surcoat, so here are some WIP photographs. The surcoat still lacks clasps here, and the sides are not yet closed. But all the embroidery, the […]

  • Armour Surcoat


  • First Sketchbook finished

    I finished my first sketchbook about a week ago. And since I take photos of what I scribble most times, I decided to pick the nicest of them an put them in a scribble Gallery.

  • Sewing… six days left

    Four days have passed with me virtually doing nothing. Or at least nothing to finish the garments I need in August. At least I started almost everything by now. The first robe I started a while back (blue cotton satin), but my sewing machine suddenly decided I would take no more silver yarn… and the […]

  • Carnil Photography

    The first con of the Season is over, and there are some nice shots of my character Elrian: These three Photos where taken by Daniel Schmitt, the full Gallery can be found here.    The last one was taken by Deneriel, the full Gallery can be found here.   As you can see the the new […]

  • Noldor-Pelzmantel

    Endlich bin ich dazu gekommen mein wohl größtes Nähprojekt in diesem Sommer weiter zu machen, ein Neuer, warmer und einigermaßen Wasserfester Mantel. Als Anregung diente mir dieser Entwurf von Elwyn: Als Futter verwende ich weißes Kunstfell, nur in der Kapuze echtes Kaninchenfell. Das Obermaterial soll aus gewachster Baumwolle sein. Die Baumwolle habe ich schon vor […]