Tag: Elbenmantel

  • Morning Tune

    My shift for the watch this year was early in the morning, at a time where all the nightcrawlers are long gone and the early birds have not yet risen. In other words: Nothing happened in this watch. So to keep boredom away we took a harp with us and took turns making music and watching. […]

  • Going back

    I am digging through old Photographs of my elven Larp character. This was in 2009. I still like it, and so I did a new retouch on it. I still have the robe and I am planning to make some alterations to it so it will fit my quality standard and the current character concept […]

  • In the grove of remembrance

    Elrian Tirithiën. Photo taken by Daniel Schmitt at Elbenwinter 2015.

  • Elven Helmet in Progress

    I am designing an Elven Helmet to replace this one. I’ve already on a basic design, but the details are not jet finished. Also, I’m making some changes to the scale armour itself, mostly shortening the whole thing and adding sleeves. This is the current master plan: .

  • Noldor-Pelzmantel


    Endlich bin ich dazu gekommen mein wohl größtes Nähprojekt in diesem Sommer weiter zu machen, ein Neuer, warmer und einigermaßen Wasserfester Mantel. Als Anregung diente mir dieser Entwurf von Elwyn: Als Futter verwende ich weißes Kunstfell, nur in der Kapuze echtes Kaninchenfell. Das Obermaterial soll aus gewachster Baumwolle sein. Die Baumwolle habe ich schon vor […]